Tweak UI Powertoy

Is there any aspect on your computer that you would like to change but you can’t because it is not that easy to do so? Now thanks to Tweak UI Powertoy, an application launched by the same developers of Windows (Microsoft), you can do it very easily.
This application allows you to change those aspects you never can in a simple way. Some of them are configurations of: mouse, cache, Windows Explorer, Internet, visual appearance, themes, user accounts and many others.
But this is not its only function; it also allows you to optimise some aspects of your computer, especially those related to the Web.
The programme has a simple interface that allows users to understand easily how to use the application to take the most advantage out of the options and functions offered.
What is more efficient than having the developers of a product offer you the possibility to optimise it? Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity. Download Tweak UI Powertoy and enjoy yourself.

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