characteristic of a profession

In general there are 3 features approved by many authors as characteristic of a profession.
(1) A profession requires extensive training before entering a profession. This training begins after a person obtained a degree. For example those who have passed the following new graduate professional education as doctors, dentists, Psychologists, Pharmacists, pharmacy, architecture to Indonesia. In many countries, lawyers are required to take professional Examinations before entering the profession.
(2) The training includes a significant intellectual component. Training Masons, Barbers, craftsmen include physical skills. Training accountants, engineers, doctors include intellectual and skill components. Although the training doctors or dentists include physical skills remained the dominant intellectual component. Intellectual components are characteristic of the main charge of professional advise and assistance regarding specific expertise that the average is not known or understood layman. So instead of giving consulting a hallmark of professional items.
(3) Manpower trained to provide essential services to the community. In other words provide a service-oriented profession in the public interest rather than their own interests. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, librarians, engineers, architects provide essential services to society to function; it can not be done by an expert chess-like game. Growing number of Professions and professionals in the 20th century occurred because these traits. To be able to serve the modern society that is technologically complex applications that require specific knowledge greater than the simple people who lived in past Centuries. Production and distribution of energy requires a lot of activity by the engineers. Over money and capital markets require energy accountants, securities analysts, lawyers, business consultants and financial. Short profession provides an important service that requires extensive intellectual training.
In addition to the three conditions following professional features. The third additional feature does not apply to all Professions. The three additional features that include:
(4) The license or certification process. This trait common in many Professions, but not always necessary for professional status. Doctors are required to have a certificate of practice before being allowed to practice. However, licensing or certification does not always make a job into a profession. To drive a motorcycle or a car it must have a license, known by the name of a driver’s license. But a license does not mean to make owners of a professional driver. Many Professions do not require a formal license. Lecturer at universities are not required to have a license or certificate, but they are required to have an education requirement, such as at least the title of master’s degree or higher. Many accountants is not a Certified Public Accountant and computer scientists do not have a license or certificate.
(5) The existence of the organization. Almost all Professions have an organization that claims to represent its members. There are times when the organization is not always open to members of a profession and there are often competing organizations. Professional organization developed to promote the profession and to improve the welfare of its members. Increased prosperity will mean that members of professional organizations involved in securing the economic interests of its members. Nevertheless such a professional organization is usually different from the guild entirely devoted to the economic interests of its members. Then the audience will not find an organization or garage textile workers who march demanding design safer cars or construction plant design well.
(6) autonomy in his work. Profession has autonomy over the provision of services. In many Professions, a person must have a valid certificate before starting work. Trying to work without a professional or a professional to yourself can lead to failure. When the reader tries to be a doctor for yourself then it will not fully succeed because they could not use and access to medicines and the most useful technologies. Many drugs can only be obtained through a doctor’s prescription.

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